10 Tips for your shoes and your feet

Tips for Shoes and Foot

Today we speak of shoes, but no new collections, if not heels, the health of our feet, how to walk, how to care for these boots that we like so much but are so delicate, all those unanswered questions that occasionally we do.

Well, besides making a great and comfy shoes, helps us keep our feet as our shoe care and giving advice through Facebook. the truth is that from the beginning the idea pareción great, so girls This Fashion have recovered some of these tips for yourselves:

  1. To prevent the inside of your shoes stain or discoloration on your feet, socks or stockings, sprinkles liberally inside the shoe with hair spray the night before use.
  2. Clean your shoes with sequins is very easy, just a damp cloth over them carefully.
  3. They say the best solution for swollen feet is to put them in hot water with salt, but if we change the remedy improves salt for an aspirin or a bag of chamomile.
  4. To care for leather shoes first simply remove the dust with a dry cotton cloth, rubbing to polish and then apply colorless cream. If any stain remains, moisten the cloth and use a mild soap.
  5. Boots and booties greased care cleaning them with a brush first and then protecting them with horse fat or natural waxes, special for these skins.
  6. To care for suede shoes are so fashionable that it’s best to use a special spray for this type of material in order to avoid potential staining. It is important not to give any kind of cream, and always you will keep his “velvety” finish.
  7. When choosing a shoe not enough to know your taya, feet are changing in size over the years. Prove occasionally shoes of a brand to make sure what your perfect size and width.
  8. To walk in heels is a little wiggle her hips for balance, but not too !!!
  9. When choosing the size of the heel note that minimum heel to prevent back problems is 3 cm, the planes are not as you see quite good. With more than 9cm high arched foot will and you risk losing your balance. Just a good heel height is approx. 5 cm or 6 cm.
  10. To care cloth shoes you should moisten the material with the right product, remove stains with a synthetic bristle brush and rinse with a cloth moistened with water. When you keep avoiding direct sunlight and heat sources.